The Great Gatsby Chapter 2 and beyond...

The top comment beneath this Youtube video states:
"Honestly, John. You would be the best English teacher. Ever. End of story."
But returning to the novel. As I am nearing the end of the novel the idea of it being perceived as the 'American Dream' causes me to wonder which of the themes in the novel point to being the American Dream.
Is it?
  • The acquisition of 'stuff', so much stuff in the persuit of happiness and fulfillment. There being sufficient money to throw such parties with such a carefree ease.
  • The constant yearning for simpler, easier times, where life was good.
  • The heroic endeavours of Gatsby. The sense of mission and destiny. 
  • Or all of the above.

Is Gatsby's quest truly heroic or is it the fact that Nick, the narrator,  sees it as such and therefore is rallied to his cause?
Heroism is in the perception, surely. Fine line between hero and nutter...

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What do you see as the Great New Zealand novel?
What do you see as the Great English novel?
What do you see as the Great {insert country of chose} novel?

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