Top Tips for School Mornings

They’re fun, aren’t they? School mornings are one of the most difficult times of the week. In our house, we allow an hour and ten minutes to our kids ready for primary school each day. I think if the kids had their own choice they’d spend that whole time giggling at the breakfast table or drawing on the bathroom mirror with their toothbrushes. So below are some top tips for that have worked in our house.
1-Write a job list, down to the completely obvious like ‘put your shoes on,’ with words and pictures, if you have pre-readers. Place it in some prominent place where they can see it and it’s out of your way.
2-Encourage your children to self manage using the job list. Hopefully this should lead to them referencing the board rather than you every 2 minutes.
3-Limit eating time. I don’t know about you, but if my kids are at the breakfast table after 30 minutes they’re generally spending little time eating and most of their time talking, annoying each other or driving me nuts. 30 mins is plenty of time to eat your 6 weetbix or 2 bowls of muesli.
4-Keep the long term goals in sight. Sticking up a list is not an instant answer to all your morning problems. If your kids have been asking you for the last 3,5,10 or 15 years what they have to do next they will continue to do so unless you give them another solution.
Lastly, be encouraged – everyone has terrible starts to their mornings sometimes
Contributed by RosieO

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