Dr Jo Anne White discusses Autism with Timmy Elmer and Dr. Robert Melillo

Timmy Elmer, 15 years old, was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD at 3 years of age. For many years he preferred video games to friendship. His anxiety made it very difficult for him to try new things and he had significant behavior difficulties. In the third grade he was removed from general education and placed in behavior programs.

He returned to general Ed in the 6th grade and has been in a self-contained class with a one on one aide. Timmy's managing life much better these days. He's now in high school and is a part of the lacrosse team. His companion dog, Boola, and he get out of the house on many adventures.
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Recorded by Jo Anne White on blogtalkradio on Thurs, Aug 25, 2011

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