D-Day 6th June

68 years ago was the D-Day landing. In this video I share my personal connection to that event. Lest we forget.


June 4: Queen's Birthday

Today is a holiday in New Zealand that is not shared with the rest of the World. It is Queen’s Birthday. Although the reasons for having an official Queen’s Birthday a somewhat obvious the exact day is somewhat questionable. The video below shares my thoughts about the day and below that again is two links to some useful info about the occasion.


Managing Personal Change

Its Sunday afternoon and I've spent the morning thinking about some possible changes I am having to make in the near future. But change can take its toll on the body and mind so here are three tips to help cope through difficult change:
  • Diet - A quality breakfast and a balanced diet 
  • Rest - 20 minutes quiet time of reflection each day, and a quality nights sleep 
  • Exercise - 20 minutes aerobic exercise, or join a sports team or in the very least walk a little further.
Managing personal change pdf

June 2: The important but not emergency numbers you may need

Second of June and we're talking about Emergency contact numbers.
It amazed me that the number for the local police station was so difficult to find that by the time I came across it, buried in the phone book, the need for it was gone.

So what are the important but not emergency numbers you may need in your phone?
Do you have an ICE number in your phone? And whose number will be called?
Are there other important numbers that you store in your phone.

June 1: Wierd Water

Last year I produced a video everyday over the month of May. This year it'll be June. Here is my first day's effort. I'm sure I'll warm up. If you have any thoughts about content and ideas to be discussed please leave a comment.
And if you know the answer to my question on the video definitely  leave a comment as I really don't know.