National Education Campaign Launched In Cinemas & Online

Seven in ten of people who illegally file shared content stated they would stop after receiving a warning with a penalty notice attached.

image from 3D copyright symbol on the psd graphics website
Copyright continues to be a minefield for all, educators especially. And when teachers are to be role models to our use their understanding of such laws is important.
A public education campaign has been launched to highlight the new Act, which includes a public service announcement screening in cinemas nationwide, as well as the website and further educational materials for internet account holders.
National advertising campaigns are good ways in which we can target the mass audience that is the general public but teachers and other professionals need more.
There is a call now for a clearer understanding of copyright, what it means to individuals and schools. Someone needs to start pounding the streets talking to staff about roles and responsibilities. But more over, senior management needs to see this professional development of their staff not as fee but as an investment. Not having to spend several hundred dollars to have someone come in a talk to staff but needing to make the savings on the possible fines involved in non-compliance.

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