The Great Gatsby Chapter 1: Extraordinary gift for Hope

There is nothing I prefer than passing the mantle to someone smarter. That way I can learn. Perhaps we can learn a little together?

John Green is reading ‘The Great Gatsby” and encourages all nerdfighters to do the same. Over the weeks and months ahead he’ll be sharing his thoughts, chapter by chapter. You can subscribe to him directly and share in the comment stream his listeners create or follow eductingthedragon as we share each episode right here.

"In which John Green discusses the first chapter of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, including thoughts on the role that the ideas of the self-made man and the American dream fuel the beginning of the novel. Themes, metaphors, and symbols are all discussed--although hopefully not in that boring and unlikable way you all find so reprehensible."

In the first chapter, our narrator Nick Carraway introduces us briefly to Gatsby before taking us to an awful dinner with the unhappily married Buchanans, Tom and Daisey, who live in great wealth and misery on East Egg.

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