CORE Education Breakfast: "Mobile learning and the Cloud"

Paul Rodley
ICT Director - Christ's College
"Mobile learning and the Cloud"

Tuesday, 20 September at 7.45am


Russley Golf Club
428 Memorial Avenue


$30 including GST


By Friday, 16 September
Register online

The trend towards highly capable, portable technologies in student hands is growing. Such technology is shrinking, capabilities converging and battery life extending. Increasingly some students have access to more powerful technologies than their schools can provide or their teachers have access to. Coupled with a huge growth in the number of portable and web enabled applications, all of these trends are reshaping the classroom as we know it. Add to this the concept of Cloud computing and we have the potential to do some interesting things in the classroom.
In his presentation, Paul will investigate these trends, offer some insights into the future and provide some ideas as to how teachers can capitalise on these opportunities.

This session will be particularly useful for school leaders and classroom practitioners, those with responsibility for developing and supporting the implementation of eLearning within schools and teachers with an interest in extending the opportunities presented by mobile learning and cloud computing.

Breakfast will be served at 7.45am, with Paul beginning the discussion at 8am. He will wrap things up around 9am but you are invited to stay and chat with Paul, CORE staff and one another after the seminar.


Paul Rodley is ICT Director at Christ's College. Paul has an interest in mobile learning and in particular the way that cloud computing can enhance portable technologies in the classroom. Paul is involved in the development of the Greater Christchurch Schools network and is also undertaking research into student digital maturity.

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